Android Almost Ported to HTC HD2

The HD2 still remains today as one of the sleekest and sexiest hardware HTC has ever made. One problem, there is a legacy, mobile OS on it called Windows Mobile 6.5. The developers over at have had a hell of a time trying to port Android over. This would be a huge accomplishment because Europe currently does not have an HTC EVO or Droid X equivalent.  

It seems that the trouble is deriving from the bootloader that is required boot Android. HaRET (Handheld Reverse Engineering Tool), would cause the CPU to fail, Until XDA forum member Cotulla was able to find a work around. Accoding to the devs:

With the working Linux kernel, any kind of Linux-based userspace can be used on HD2. This includes Google Android and any other Linux distribution.

The actual port and final release is still a very long time way. An alpha ROM of Android still has not been finalized. The HD2 resale value is about to skyrocket on craigslist and ebay. If your and Android fan and have T-Mobile or AT&T, this could be a great contract free alternative. Keep in mind that AT&T 3G bands are different from T-Mobile’s. EDGE would only be possible unless you purchase the Telstra version. Follow the XDA Thread below for updates.


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