[Video] Dead Space 2: Collector’s Edition Unboxing

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I just got back from Best Buy with Dead Space 2 in hand. Here is a brief unbxing of the video. First impressions of the game a very very good. The game starts out very intense and it put me on edge. I don’t think I have played a game this scary since the F.E.A.R. series or Resident Evil. Thumbs up go to Vidceral and EA for working so hard and polishing the game mechanics. Controls are MUCH better. EA spent alot of time working on the sound of Dead Space. There are so many random sounds it makes this a hard game to predict. I wish I had a surround sound system to do it justice. Dead Space Extraction is also included and utlizes the Playstation Move. It’s 3.5GB install so it will take some time. I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet but I probably will later on.  The Zealot Suit and Gun that is included with the collectors edition look absolutely gorgeous. If you are playing on the Zealot difficulty it helps to have this bonus suit because you can save over 1000 credits and NOT buy the miner suit. Full outline of the Features below. Make sure you check out the unboxing too…


  • Special Collector’s Edition includes Dead Space 2 game, Dead Space Extraction bonus game, Isaac Clarke’s collectible replica plasma cutter, game soundtrack, Scoring of Dead Space 2featurette, rare lithograph and in-game items
  • PlayStation 3 exclusive Dead Space Extraction bonus game offers PlayStation Move compatibility to shove you right into the action
  • Replica plasma cutter features the new design from Dead Space 2with trigger-activated LED lights
  • Rare lithograph by Visceral Games artist Brett Marting depicts the Necromorph transformation concept art
  • In-game items, including Isaac’s Unitology suit and accompanying Force Gun items, offer unique advantages
  • Isaac Clarke returns to face the Necromorphs once again as he paves a bloody path forward through the Sprawl, evading government agents and haunting visions of his dead girlfriend
  • Old and new creatures alike will test your breaking point as they stalk you, begging to be impaled, dismembered or sucked into the cold of space
  • Eviscerate the Necromorphs with a series of devastating weapons, like the Javelin, telekinesis, powerful trip mines and even hull breaches
  • Experience zero gravity anew with weightless combat and challenging physics-based puzzles with 360° movement

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