3 Cool New Features of iOS 5 Beta 2

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June 27, 2022   //



I finally got the new beta installed.  It took forever to download.  I think it was somewhere around 825MB.  I see why those new OTA updates will be incremental rather than a full download.  Anyways, I have been playing with iOS 5 beta 2 for a few days now and it is substantially more stable than the first.

Beta 2 brings some new features as well as improves on some.  First off, the lock screen notifications are larger.  While I didn’t think they would actually make them bigger.  They did.  The re-sizing of the notifications are definitely welcomed.  They are now much easier to grab.  Before, you had to have baby hands to use those things.

Next, iTunes’ wireless syncing is now active.  After updating your software to beta 2, you will also have a new option in the beta version of iTunes.  There is now a check box to allow wireless syncing.  This was very buggy for me at first.  It started to download apps and then iTunes would sit for several minutes telling me it was reconciling the differences. This was resolved by force closing iTunes and then manually deleting the half downloaded applications.  iTunes Sync is magical.  I said it.  I love how I can wireless sync whatever I want to my iPhone without a cable.  Until Google creates some sort of media/app management program, they can keep their cloud.

I know what you are going to think about this one.  This “new feature” is about as bad as when Apple finally brought copy and paste and landscape SMS.  Apparently, in iOS 5, you can now delete music directly from your iOS device.  In the past, you would actually have to uncheck or remove the song from your iTunes library, then resync.  It was a major pain in the a**.  I like to see features like this come to iOS.  However, I am immediately brought to reality that other platforms have had these features for years.



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