4 Guides for Fire Emblem Heroes Hack

Are you a fan of Fire Emblem Heroes online hack?Are you looking to improve your game? Well, you are in luck! Below is a number of small Fire Emblem Heroes guides that will help you with your game. From straight forward to complex, these guides are sure to provide you with something you may not already know about. Well, enough said… Lets begin!

Guide 1: Matchmaking

Matchmaking cheat is central to Fire Emblem Heroes hack. It is the multiplayer feature that not only makes the game competitive, but also provides an excellent way to test a town’s strengths and weaknesses. Many people early on will not enter matchmaking, for fear of getting into that part of the game to soon. The tragedy is that they will be missing out on a cool feature.

You see, in Fire Emblem Heroes, you get a 3 day shield. This means that you can make use of this and the loot penalty to go on the offensive early on with a minimum of loss. Use a handful of goblins, barbarians, and archers to hunt for available resources. With any luck, you will get lucky and have way more resources as a result.

Guide 2: Making Use of the Next

The Next feature is crucial when it comes to figuring out who to attack. Although pressing the Next button costs you, it is much less then the amount of resources you might waste on an opponent who is just to well defended. So, make sure you do not use all of your gold on upgrades, and instead save some to skip around until you find the perfect enemy.

Guide 3: The Dark Orbs

Dark Orbs become available to players once their Town Halls reach level 7. Once this happens, dark Orbs will be the most valuable resource you have. So, place a priority on the production of dark Orbs over everything else. Even if you have more upgrades to get that do not use dark Orbs, you will be waiting for dark Orbs related upgrades well after all other upgrades are complete.

Guide 4: The Castle

The castle is incredibly strong, but only if you place it wisely. That is, always place it in the center of your base. The units that come from the clan castle can jump over your walls, meaning that they can be behind defenses and still get to the enemy quickly.

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